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Museum Frauenkultur Regional–International im Marstall von Schloss Burgfarrnbach/Fürth
Museum of Women's Culture Regional-International, Marstall of the Castle of Burgfarrnbach/Fürth


Wie weiblich ist die Stadt? Fürth und die Partnerstädte
Limoges/Frankreich, Marmaris/Türkei, Midoun/Tunesien, Paisley/Schottland, Xylokastro/Griechenland
05.05.2018 - 31.10.2018 (flyer)

How feminine is the city? Fürth and its Sister Cities Limoges, Marmaris, Midoun, Paisley, Xylokastro

In all our cities women represent more than half of the inhabitants. But is this visible?
The exhibition is looking for answers and perceptions with data, images, portraits, narratives and installations and perceptions of Fürth and its sister cities Limoges, Marmaris, Midoun, Paisley and Xylokastro. Visions of international artists inspire to think about a city for all.


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