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Exhibition 2020


(Former) Stables of the Castle of Burgfarrnbach/Fürth - 1734


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90768 Fürth - Burgfarrnbach,
Schlosshof 23

During opening hours you can reach us by phone:
0911 - 59 80 769
Otherwise please contact us at 0911 - 98 205 464




Museum Frauenkultur Regional–International im Marstall von Schloss Burgfarrnbach/Fürth
Museum of Women's Culture Regional-International, Marstall of the Castle of Burgfarrnbach/Fürth


In times when many museums worldwide are forced to keep their doors shut, IAWM (International Association of Women's Museums) started a new series "Women‘s Museums at Home". "Every day we will share with you an online exhibition or virtual view into one of our member museums worldwide"  on IAWM, facebook and Instagramm.

We contribute to this series the Opening Concert of the International Dialogues in the Museum, June 21, 2019; Schloss Burgfarrnbach, Museum Women's Cultures Regional - International, Fürth, Germany with Michiko Saiki, Performance with piano: The Voices of Women. Compositions of Beste Özçelebi, Fojan Gharibnejad, Victoria Jordanova, Amy Beth Kirsten, Jue Wang. Camera: Mahshad Afshar, Ana Fraile



Look forward to our exhibition 2020
"Technic#Female#Logical. Women and technology in the Nuremberg metropolitan area."

May 9th through October 31st, 2020


This is a very relevant topic as girls and young women are increasingly encouraged to turn to an education in engineering and technology. Our exhibition will feature distinguished female pioneers from the metropolitan region as well as women who currently hold positions in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and technical trade.

The stories and achievements of these women will be told through portraits, objects and the arts, in the hopes of inspiring young women to pursue careers in STEM or skilled trade. The exhibit will include interactive, experimental components, and pertinent workshops for girls. We are going to challenge the notion that men are developers of technology while women are primarily consumers of it.

For the first time, the museum will collaborate with the technology & journalism program at the Technical University of Nuremberg (Prof. Dr. Beatrice Dernbach), and the communications department at the University of Bamberg (Dr. Kristina Wied). During the winter semester of 2019/2020, students of both schools will conduct interviews and lend their support in our advertising efforts.





The 2nd World March will start in Madrid the 2nd October 2019, Non-Violence International Day. It will go straight to Africa, America, Oceania, Asia, and finally arriving back in Madrid the 8th March 2020, Women's International Day. (website)

Proposal for Readers: Our magazine series, published by the association from 1990 - 2003, contains many surprising titles and articles, which could be written just as or only slightly changed today.
Since almost all journals are out of print, you can now download them as pdf files. You can find them in the menu under „Publications" (lists)

Suggestion for travel enthusiasts: Visit our exhibition „cooked" at the Women's Museum Merano (09 November 2018 to 30 November 2019)

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