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90768 Fürth - Burgfarrnbach,
Schlosshof 23

During opening hours you can reach us by phone:

Otherwise please contact us at
Tel: 0911-598 07 69
email: info(at)frauenindereinenwelt.de







Museum Frauenkultur Regional–International im Marstall von Schloss Burgfarrnbach/Fürth
Museum of Women's Culture Regional-International, Marstall of the Castle of Burgfarrnbach/Fürth


May 6 through October 30, 2023

Geburtskulturen - Gebären und geboren werden


Impressions of the opening of the exhibition


Visiting our museum


Museum Opening Hours (Info)
- Please be mindful of the safety requirements and protective measures.




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Proposal for Readers: Our magazine series, published by the association from 1990 - 2003, contains many surprising titles and articles, which could be written just as or only slightly changed today.
Since almost all journals are out of print, you can now download them as pdf files. You can find them in the menu under „Publications" (lists)

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"Making Her Mark", exhibition in Paisley, Renfrewshire, sister city of Fürth [EN] [DE
 Between Art and Quarantine [blog]


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