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Ulrike Modrach

We are stronger together. This is the very reason why networking is an important aspect.

Since 2002, the Simone Mentoring Program at the Georg Simon Ohm Technical University in Nuremberg has brought together professionally experienced women and MINT students.

The so-called tandem program lets the younger ones profit from the experiences, advice and network of the older ones for nine months.
The program is supplemented by seminars and factory tours in various companies.

"It is really important to look for mentors and to accept the advice they give you," says Ulrike Modrach. She is leads the production engineering department of the mobile crane manufacturer Tadano Faun in Lauf.

Regina Kasparbauer is studying for a master's degree in mechatronic and electronic systems. She appreciates this exchange/interaction. But Ulrike Modrach, too, appreciates the new insights that her mentee and her mentee’s course of study offer her. She would have welcomed a mentor during her own studies.

“This was the key point: During my studies, I didn’t have the chance for an idea exchange with professionally-experienced women. Now, with this Programm, I’m able to pass on my experiences to newcomers.”


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